Sunday, November 9, 2008

"The Third Place" Questions

1. Ray Oldenburg means that a "Third Place" is somewhere that people can gather and just have great conversation. According to him conversation is the main activity taking place. The Third Place is somewhere you can feel comfortable with whatever you say and leave all personal problems at the door. Examples today of a "Third Place" are pubs, computer cafes, coffeehouses, libraries and health spas. These places are much different from what they used to be, like barbershops, candy stores, bait shops, gun shops and soda fountains. It is somewhere people can just relax and forget about everything.

2. A design elements that contributes to a successful Third Place includes being plain. The place does not have to be so extravagant with colors and things all over the walls. By being plain it gives the place a very comfortable feeling. The size is also important. It should not be really big where you feel that everything is out of scale. I think that the place should be kind of small making people be close to each other and force them to talk so it isn't so uncomfortable. There should be places for seating that also makes it more comfortable.

3. A place that has potential to be a successful Third Place is the basement room in Hoben. It has potential because it fits many of the criteria explained by Oldenburg. It is pretty small tho. I think that would make people have more conversation and talk more to their fellow classmates. I often walk by and see that there are only a couple or no students at all in there just relaxing watching TV. I think that if there were more things promoting going down there to watch a specific show or just doing something down there, it would be a successful Third Place. It could be a place where everyone lets classwork go and just relax and talk and watch TV.

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