Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Brief Wadsworth Handbook Questions

1. Improvement for Angell Field is very important for Kalamazoo College and the impression it leaves on opposing teams and fans.

2. The constraints I plan on addressing in my analysis are the cost and different ways to maybe pay for the changes needed to the field. The size constraint is also another constraint I plan on addressing in my analysis. The trigger points that are most important are the field, and the stands.

3. The five of our class readings that i could apply to my topic have to do with the latest readings we have done in the past month. The Principles of Marketing, The Experience Architect, The Third Place, The Design of Everyday Things and City. These all have some things that I could apply to my topic.
The Principles of Marketing: Talking about the brand of Kalamazoo College and how the football field should be a part of this special brand.
The Experience Architect: When opposing teams and their fans come to games at Angell Field they should be able to remember Kalamazoo College for having a nice looking field and nice facilities. It should be a great day for those people.
The Third Place: I feel if the football field was in better shape it could become a third place for students on game day.
City: This reading talked a lot about seating and one of my key points is improving the seating at the football field.

4. "If you set out to make everything better about your product or service, you may end up with a gold-plated offering that few customers can afford, or with unfocused features few will fully appreciate. So start by asking what's truly important to your customer. The answer may be something small, irrational, elusive, and completely surprising. But finding that answer is often crucial to your success. It's often just one or two essential elements. We call them trigger points."
This is from "The Experience Architect." This can help support my thesis because I will need to talk about the trigger points that will needed to be improved. The trigger points will be very important throughout the entire paper.

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