Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Design Intelligence Last Questions

1. I see design contributing to my life a whole lot. I will now look at products a whole different way. I will be able to tell why a certain product is designed a certain way or at least have some idea why it was designed that way. I feel that I might not fall into some of those design traps that are used today because I have a good idea what some of them are. I will analyze products and their design more instead of just looking at the product.

2. Advice would be to go out there and have fun. Don't always worry about class, there has to be that free time you have for yourself and others. I would also advise people to not procrastinate because it can really hurt later on when you are doing a big paper or just studying for a test. Be open to discussions and try and state your opinion as much as you can.

3. For students enrolled in this seminar I would just tell them to be very open in discussions and even if you are shy just try and put yourself out there. Everybody has good ideas you just have to be able to express them to everybody. Read the material even though it may be long it is very interesting stuff and will help you in the long run.

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