Sunday, November 16, 2008

Campus Analysis

1. I observed the first floor of Kalamazoo College’s Library. The purpose of the library is help students to get away from all the noise and have some place to study. The other purpose is for students to have books and other sources to find information regarding something. I observed on Sunday night around 9:30.

2. a.) The appearance of the first floor is very big and inviting. The front doors are glass and very tall and nice looking. The tables and computers looked very well spaced out. The staircase was also something that pops out at you when you see it. It seems that a lot of things that you need are on the first floor.
b.) There are plenty of seats around. There are numerous tables that can sit at least four people and maybe even more if you wanted. All computers have a seat assigned to them. Also on the first floor there are couches next to Bigby’s coffee. Right in the middle are little comfy seats. There are all different kinds of chairs that include wooden chairs, computer chairs that can be different, and couches all around on the first floor.
c.) At this time I noticed that there were a lot of people. I think that the reason why there were a lot of people because it was on a Sunday night and most people are trying to finish up their homework and just get away from noise. It is very relaxing to go into a place where there is hardly any noise so you can get your work done.
d.) The floor is mostly carpet while some parts are tiled squares. The carpet is multicolored squares all around. The tile is blue with some burgundy colors mixed in all the way through. The tiles are all different kinds of shapes.
e.) Overall it was very quiet. There was some people talking, but they were respectful of the fact that it was a library and kept it to a whisper. I also heard the typing of many computers.
f.) The materials used to construct this place include wood, stone, tile, glass and carpet.

3. The image that this area projects is an inviting place to get away from noise and a place to concentrate. Tables are spaced out from each other in a pretty good distance. There is no clutter at all and you feel very comfortable sitting at one of the tables. The computers are also separated so you have your own space. This just shows how the library wants you to have your own comfortable space to study. The entrance itself is glass doors that are very tall and see through so you can see what you are walking into. I think that this is the image that the school wants to project. Kalamazoo College is known for academics and I believe that they want the library to be a vital part of a student’s learning experience.

4. I think that people interacted with each other and their surroundings very well. When people were sitting next to each other and talking they were very courteous of others and kept the talking to a whisper. There was no yelling or loud talking even with a group of people showing respect to everyone around them.

5. I found the front entrance very interesting about this place. I just thought that the entrance was like no other entrance I had ever seen. It just seemed very inviting with the glass doors. You could see what you were about to walk into which was a very nice looking library. I also that the fact that the the floor was separated with carpet and tile. The staircase that you see leading up to the upper floors is also a very original design. I had not seen many staircases like it. It gave off a very beautiful look and actually wanted you to take the stairs feeling.

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