Friday, November 14, 2008

Principles of Marketing Questions

1. Design affects marketing in a very big way. The design of products has a big influence on how companies market that same product. Packaging, labeling, and brands are some of the way design affects marketing. The packaging involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. Packaging traditionally was just used to store and protect the product but now the design of the package is used as a marketing tool. Companies are trying to find the best ways to package products to attract the customer, to describe the product and to make the sale. Labeling identifies the product or brand. It may also include different sort of things describing the product. It is also a way to promote the product, like having a creative label or a label that sticks out that might attract more customers to buy that product. Brands affect marketing because the more popular a brand is the more customers are willing to buy that product. The design of the brand and how they design products is used in marketing all the time. I think that those 3 I described are the most important elements.

2. Branding and marketing are the same with the design of experience by them both wanting the best for the customer and wanting the customer to have a good time doing it. The difference is the time span. Branding and marketing is short lived. When promoting an experience you want that experience to last a lifetime and not be forgotten right away. Experiences are meant to last a lifetime not just for a second.

3. The important elements of K's brand position is that it is a very prestigious liberal arts school and it has different designs to show that brand. There are products that display the full words Kalamazoo College in all sorts of colors, products with a big black and orange K on it and many other ways of displaying Kalamazoo College.When most people around here see these designs they think about how Kalamazoo college is a prestigious liberal arts school. Those different brands are located all throughout the campus. The clothing and other products can be a way of getting the Kalamazoo brand out there.

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