Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"The Experience Architect" Questions

1. I think that there are many points in this reading. One important point talks about how you should start by taking little steps. By changing something so little like, taking out a step that would normally hassle a customer, the customer will reward you by buying your product more just because of giving them a better experience. Trigger points is another important point in this article. You need to ask what is truly important to your customer, these can be small, something you knew or something you had no idea. They are often only one or two essential points and they are called trigger points. With these trigger points you try to make them the best you can and better then competition and you will gain a customers trust and they will go with that product more often. Authenticity is another important point. People like "real" experiences rather than fake ones that you may not experience every time. Real has a genuine appeal to everyone. Another important point is to not be ordinary and try to come up with ways to be extraordinary. You need to create remarkable experiences for everyone in order to be extraordinary and successful.
2. The design of experiences is something that you want the customer to remember for the rest of their life. You try to get that customer to trust and be committed to your service. The design of consumer products is just a physical product being purchased. It isn't something that will stick with you and be engraved in your mind. They are similar by both being made for what the customer wants and what the customer needs.
3. I would have a movie night outside in the quad. It would obviously have to be a great night when it is warm. People could bring blankets, chairs, and anything else they wanted to bring. Concessions would be very cheap. Admission would be free so that would bring out a lot of people. I think that many people would meet others and have a good time just relaxing watching a movie in the quad on a gorgeous night.

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