Friday, October 31, 2008

"What Main Street Can Learn from the Mall" Questions

1. Gibbs uses a lot of criteria to evaluate a Main Street. Some criteria include how clean an area is. People will be turned off to a place that is dirty or doesn't look nice. Another thing is how safe a place may be. There should be a visible police present around, removing benches that may interest loiters, keeping the sidewalks clean and having very good lighting to make the customers safe. The location of stores is another thing that Gibbs evaluates. He says to never have a clothing store near a restaurant or never on the north side of a street. Restaurants can prosper on side streets and less- desirable locations and they should never be located on the western side. He also believes in the no left turn rule. People do not want to stop for a second to turn across traffic when they are on their way home so they will ignore the store. Also stores must have a very good display to try and catch a drivers attention. They have a second to get the driver interested. A lot of the criteria that he evaluates is the same that would be evaluated for a mall.

2. I do not think that "Main Street" should be a mall. Although it has a lot of features of a mall it still has that certain randomness that it needs to not be a mall. It also attracts more people because the not many people like to shop in the malls any more. It gives people a different kind of place to shop in rather then inside in a mall that can be frustrating to people.

3. I think that location is very important. Making the people feel safe by having a police presence noticeable. Keeping the location clean and simple to attract more people. Location of the stores would be very important. Having the no left turn policy in affect. Just trying to make it a friendly atmosphere and making it better than a mall because people are getting sick of them.

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