Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simplicity Is Highly Overrated Questions

1. Something that I did buy where complexity was more desirable was actually very recent. I bought an HP All-in-One printer. I bought this printer because it had different functions a regular printer could not do. Now I still don't know how to do all those other functions but I still like that I have the opportunity to do those functions if I ever needed to. I could have easily bought a simple printer that only printed paper for a lot less, but of course I wanted the more expensive printer just because it cost more and had more functions.

2. I think that complexity is justified when the product does many functions that are needed and can be figured out with a little help. I think that there are a lot of products out there that may look very complex and could be complex when it is your first time working with the product, but I think that if you actually read directions or call for help the product becomes better in the long run. I think that simplicity is most important when someone just wants a product for one certain function and does not care about any other functions it does. I think that a good example of that is with tools. Not a lot of tools are used for more then one or two functions.

3. The poster in my room of "Fight Club" is an example of Visceral Design because when I saw the poster at the poster sale it caught my eye and I had a predetermined mindset that the movie "Fight Club" was cool. Visceral Design is significant because from the very first time we see a product, we have an almost predetermined opinion of it.

I thought this post by Kenny was interesting because I had talked about movie posters when I talked about Visceral Design. This was also a different way visceral design was used with movie posters because in my post I had said that the posters made an impact on whether you go out and buy the movie or see the movie, but with this it was opposite. Kenny had seen the movie first and because of that he decided to buy the poster. I also agree that we almost always have a predetermined opinion of it.

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