Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"The Science of Shopping" Questions

1. I think that one of the main points in this article is that customers are continually doing things when they go to stores without realizing it and that retail stores should do something because of it. Stores need to make their stores and products noticeable to customers because the average customer likes to be in and out of stores and they like to buy the product and get out. There are many design tactics in a store to get a customer to go throughout the entire store trying to get them to buy things that they didn't come in for. People are becoming aware of these tactics and avoiding them making it harder to sell products for the store.

2. After reading this article I feel that I often do the things that Paco said without even realizing it. I like the stores that are very easy to look around and are separated making it easier to find clothes. I like when the store is designed for men's items to be on the right side and the women's on the left. The colors and lighting of a store also influence whether I go in or not. I like stores with a lot of lighting and colors that are very nice to look at. I do not like going into stores that are dark because it is hard to see the clothes and it kind of gives off a nasty mood.

3. A check list would include How the store is separated. Whether it is easy or not to find products and you don't have to search all over for them. The lighting has to be very good so the customer can actually see what they are looking at. The colors of the store should give off a nice, uplifting mood and not so much a bad or nasty one. Put attractive things on display to try and get the customer to buy it.

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