Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Biggest Mistakes in Web Design 1995-2015" Questions

1. This reading relates to the concept of user-focused design that we have discussed in class because a lot of this is dealing with things involving the user of the website. It is all about the user of the website and what they do or what they need to do with the website. The reading talks about how the creator of the website should only care about the user and nothing else. The user does not care about the creator, they only care about doing what they need to do with the website. This is also one of the more important points of design with products. Customers do not care about the designers or how it is designed they only care about the product and if it will do what they want it to. The designer must make something that the customer wants and will be able to use easily.

2. I feel that one of the most important points was the first one about nobody caring about you or the web site. I think that this is very important because it is very true. Nobody really cares about who designed what, all they care about is if that website is helpful to them and has what they need. Another important point is the navigational failure point. If a website is hard to navigate around most people will leave the site to try and find a different one. It is also a plus when the navigational features are easy to locate because everyone likes easy to use websites. I think one of the most important points has to deal with the lack of the heroin content. A successful site is one that keeps on having you come back for more. I personally go to many sites like that and they are almost always updated and addicting to go back to each day.

3. It should be very user friendly and easy to use. It should be appealing at first glance and state what the website is all about. The navigation should be easy to use and easy to follow. The website should be very addictive and get users to keep coming back for more. Finally, the website should be helpful to everyone that visits and every user should get what they wanted out of going to the website.

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