Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Isn't it Iconic?" Questions

1. Packaging is important in marketing a product because the company is trying to have their product stand out from the rest. A customer may be looking at a product that is made by two different companies and they could be the exact same thing but the customer may buy a certain product just because of the packaging. Packaging is one of the main ways companies pull customers in. Most customers will look at the product and if it has nice visceral designing the customer will more likely choose the more attractive one. An example of how a package has influenced my decision to buy something are certain special edition DVDs. There is always a basic package for the DVD that is less expensive but then there are the special editions that have a very cool package and design that makes you want to spend the extra money just because of the case.

2. A product that has iconic packaging is Budweiser beer. Everyone can tell a Budweiser beer from any other kind of beer. It has had the same design look for many years and it has just the basic colors of red and white like a lot of iconic packaging. Other products that try to be iconic include all types of Cologne and perfume. It seems like almost all Cologne and perfume bottles are trying to make their product more attractive by making very cool bottles.

3. An issue that could occur is having difficulty with the plastic packaging. It is sometimes hard to remove the plastic. An example would have to be with DVD and CD plastic that covers it may take some time to remove. Another issue could be the amount that is in the product. A certain packaging look may seem like there is more of a product when there actually is not as much as you would think. Looks can sometimes be deceiving when you evaluate the product and its look.

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