Sunday, September 21, 2008

"The Perfect Thing" Questions

1. The elements of the design process that the article illustrates are all of them. In the article it talks about the many trials that the company did in order to make the iPod the best it could be. From those trials was the evaluation part and the company would evaluate what they had to do to make the iPod better. The article also talks about the selection element at one point when Fadell shows three different models and Jobs then picks the third proposal instead of the first two.

2. I would use many factors to evaluate a "perfect thing." Some may include the durability, the size and style, the features of the product, and the price of the product. The durability would be important because people would not buy something that is not durable. The size and style would have to be something that catches the buyer's interest and is what most people want and like. Features of the product are very important because most people want something that can do multiple things instead of just one thing. The price would have to be something affordable for everybody so a lot of people buy it instead of just having the wealthy only affording it.

3. I own an iPod and I love it. I think that the iPod has many strengths and very few weaknesses. Some strengths that it has are the many features that can be done by certain types of iPods. There is an iPod for any type of person, whether you have 20,000 songs or just 1,000 songs there is an iPod that is right for you. The scroll is also a strength because you can search through thousands of songs and not have to go through each song. Some weaknesses include not having a power button, almost every product today has some sort of power button but the iPod does not and that sometimes can be bad. Another weakness sometimes is the battery life.

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